WTF Game Glitches


What would a video game testing site be without a section underscoring the dramatic need for QC testing?  This collection of WTF moments has literally had me on the floor laughing out of control.  Funny video game glitches are what it’s all about but it is serious business for the developers and the last thing they want to see after a release date when it’s too late! Here is a small collection of some of the most ridiculous video game glitches out there, old and new.  This is an ever growing section so please check back for more later.  Am I missing any?



Brodus is half the man he used to be!?  WWE 2013.  WTF is this?




Here is another one of the many freaking bizarre glitches in on of my favorite games ever.



A penny saved is a penny?   This is way beyond a clipping error here!

Sourced from here





ROFL, this one is from WWF Live.  Wish I could do that!

This glitch came from this source

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