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Become a Game Tester has received our highest rating.  Please my full review below.

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What I found most refreshing about Matthew Johnson’s “Become a Game Tester” course is that he takes the time to spell it out for the complete newbie.  The guide carefully lays out a step by step action plan that enables the prospective beta tester to make his or her very first contact into the game industry.  Since getting your foot in the door for the first time is always the most difficult challenge but especially so in the gaming industry, Matthew covers all of the dos and don’ts in his game tester guide.

I would also like to compliment the author for the fantastic customer support he provides to all of his patrons.  The guide costs some about the cost of a new video game but with the information inside, the reader learns how to receive an endless stream of new video games for free mailed to his or her door.  This more than makes up for the small fee that is required to get the manual.  Without the manual of course it is still possible that one could luck themselves into a job, but most likely a lot of time and effort will be wasted in the process.  Other nuggets I found in Matthews program include such things as: a secret to why it is that gaming companies today need testers more desperately than ever before,  154 developers who are on his personal list that can help keep you working most of the time and a hole bunch more.  Long story short, this in my opinion is the absolute best pick.



If I had to think of something negative about the package is it might be overwhelming for some people because of the amount of information contained within it’s binds.  He really over delivers on this product and I look forward to other gaming related information products that may come from Matthew in the future.  So Kudos to Matthew for really going out of his way above the call of duty (no gamer pun intended).

Become a Game Tester also comes with a 60 day warranty honored by the well known Clickbank Marketplace.
You can read more about the “Become a Game Tester” program by visiting the official site here.



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Jacob Tyler spent over 15 years in the video game industry selling video games online. He was the CEO of a major video game wholesale supplier and importer. Video games were always a passion since the ripe old age of 10 but later turned it into a full time career. Now he helps people get into the industry at the easiest stepping stone of video game testing by reviewing source guides in the subject.