Hi, and welcome to my website www.videogametesting.org.  I spent over 15 years of my life in the video game industry and loved every second of it.  These days I try to help people get their foot in the door, as this industry is one of the toughest to get into out there.  To get your foot in the door of this business is tantamount to living a life you love and enjoying your job so much, that it no longer feels like work at all.  I built this site to help weed out the myriad of websites that have recently popped up all over the internet regarding video game testing jobs.  These sites are keeping you from discovering the true joys of being involved in the gaming world and working as a game tester.  Out of most of the sites I researched, I have only found a small handful that are actually beneficial to you attaining your goals to become a game tester.


I have written up my personal reviews and opinions of these guides so please I ask, take it for what they are – my personal opinions.  I would very much appreciate any feedback from your experiences with these guides if you should decide to join the game testing world.  Or if you have discovered some other good guides out there that you feel deserve the recognition and have worked for you.  I believe it is important to enter this industry as any other as an informed consumer.


Because there are so many sites out there, and most of the ones I found were just plain full of BS, I have taken the few good ones I found that have value and can really help someone interested in getting into the field of beta testing and posted my personal reviews of them on the main page. Please take your time and visit each site. Form your own opinion and pick the ones that looks like the best fit.


I hope my site will help you and I sincerely thank you for visiting. I can be contacted any time if you need any assistance at the contact link above.




Jacob Tyler